Innovative and disruptive company, we offer digital transformation solutions with a new approach of IoT focused on new technologies like: Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Augmented Reality, Fleet Management, Software Development company, etc., all this integrated on the same platform.

Through our platform, we offer telecommunication services (Application To Person A2P) using channels such as: SMS (SMS Notification), MMS, Voice (Termination of Call), etc.

Our Services

Cloud computing

XTECHCLOUD is the largest and most integrated public cloud in the industry. It offers SaaS (Software as a Service) …

Software Engineering

XTECHCLOUD is a company with more than 7 years of experience in custom software development. We have the culture…

Integration of solutions

Design sector-specific solutions, take advantage of the “packaged” solutions of the market, simplify the integration…

Consulting & Training

Thanks to an excellent knowledge of the activities of its customers and to a sectoral expertise, XTECHCLOUD is able…

Why choose us?

Connect everything!
By connecting data from all terminals, sensors, websites and interactions with XTECHCLOUD, get a complete view of your customers
Earn efficiency!
With intuitive tools, your business users identify key events in a torrent of data and trigger actions in real time.
Be proactive !
Use your data and insights to intelligently customize your business in XTECHCLOUD and improve the customer experience